Challange of the Fish Stampede!
(Robotic Fish Gone Wild!)

Japanese Air Date: 4-1-02
American Air Date: 6-14-03

Character Introductions: Sharkman.exe

Netto and the others are enjoying a net battle at Yaito's clubhouse, until Masa busts in and decides they need some exercise training (and calcium! XD). He provides them with education on fish, lunch with fish, and exercise without skates and scooters.

Meanwhile the Marine Museum and its robotic fish go crazy and wreak havok in the city, the World 3 strikes again! Can Netto and the others stop the robo fishies, finish their "training", and not become fish food at the same time?

Ryouko's note: Originally in the games, Higure actually worked for the World 3, and attempted to brainwash all of the children at the school. In the anime however, Higure very directly says that he has absolutely nothing to do with the World 3. He's just a chip otaku. ^_^;

Edits in the English Version:

Masa climbing the ladder of the clubhouse is cut out.

Rockman pelting Gutsman in the crotch with a mini-bomb is cut out, but if you look REAL closely to screen behind everyone when Masa enters the clubhouse, you can see Gutsman run across the screen in pain! XD

Masa acts like he knows what Net Battles are, when he's suppossed to be clueless

Dekao being pelted in the crotch with a baseball is cut out. ("Now I know how Gutsman felt!" -Dekao XD)

Flashback scenes of Rockman defeating Fireman, Elecman and Coloredman are cut out.

Hino Ken's new scottish speak gets more painful by the episode, by re-using the SAME stupid lines ("Blister me bagpipes!")

The fish re-floating in front of Netto and Meiru in the park is cut out.

The original Japanse music is again left in when the robotic fish begin to go haywire in the city! Our first glimpse of the original soundtrack in NT Warrior.

Close-up of Masa with his knife is cut out.

Sharkman's voice is added to his introduction when he's seen under the water (normally silent)

After Masa saves Netto and co. from the huge shark chasing them, you can hear the N1 Grand Prix music from the original japanese version playing faintly in the background!

Anything related to the net is automatically called "cyber" (ie: cyberfire, cyberwater, cyberblahblahblah)

Sharkman talks in his second scene underwater (normally silent)

Rockman firing his buster directly at the screen, and constantly missing the Jellyfish is cut out.

ElecSword is changed to ElectroSword.

Megaman calls Sharkman "a legend", yet he has never heard of him before this meeting? Dub screw up.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P