Japanese Air Date: 2-17-03
American Air Date: 8-7-04

The following summary leaves nothing out, so please beware of spoilers!

This episode begins with Heatman and Freezeman's battle, which was not finished in the last episode. Heatman vows to ease Fireman's spirit by defeating Freezeman, who was the cause of Fireman's deletion.

Back at Wily's old base, Netto is surprised to hear from Enzan that Blues was deleted. Enzan also reveals that the last of the Net City of Amerope was also destroyed by Gospel. Rockman is saddened by the news about Blues, as he remembers their promise of their rematch after the troubles with Gospel were over.

Surprisingly, Enzan tells Netto that the origin of the mass disappearances of navis is coming from Gauss' servers. Indeed, it seems the head guy right under Wily is Gauss Magnets himself! Elec Hakushaku is shocked to hear that his brother is in such a position.

Meanwhile in Japan's Net City, Heatman is still fighting Freezeman. Both are beginning to show signs of fatigue, but refuse to give in.

Freezeman: "Though against someone like me, who's a general of Gospel, you fight well....I should praise you."

As a last ditch effort to win the battle, Hinoken activates an Extra Code to install into Heatman, giving him a surplus boost of power. As Heatman latches onto Freezeman, he brings out the full potential of the Extra Code, and both dissappear from sight in a burst of light.

Heatman: "We did it, Hinoken!"
Hinoken: "You did defeated avenged Fireman..."

Once again at Wily's base, Elec Hakushaku and Mahajarama are trying to hack into the Gauss Console server. The former World Three members, who normally hate working with Netto and his crew, reveal that because Gospel said they were inferior, they absolutely hate them.

Rockman interrupts to tell Netto about Forte reading his memories when he was kidnapped in the last episode. While he doesn't know why Forte needed his memories, he does say that Forte has been in Internet City long before Gospel's attacks began, and believes that he's familiar with him. All of a sudden something strange happens to Rockman's hands, but he quickly shrugs it off as nothing.

Having been defeated by Heatman, Freezeman returns to Gospel's base badly wounded. After failing to contact Shuryou, who has been put out of commission by Wily, Freezeman is confronted by Shadowman! After being hailed as worthless, Shadowman finishes Heatman's job by finally deleting the general of Gospel.

At the base of the Net Agents, Miyuki and Saloma inform Commander Beef that Gospel has arrived at the Kingland server. After finally hacking into Gauss' server, Netto and all of his friends plug in their navis, as does all of the World 3 members. After battling a barrage of security navis, an entrance into the depths of the server opens.

Once they step inside, everyone is shocked to see that the room is a holding prison for all of the kidnapped navis! As they venture on further, a hole opens beneath Netto's group, sucking them in, and seperating them from the World 3!

As Rockman, Glyde, Roll, Iceman and Gutsman inspect their surroundings, they soon realize that they have landed inside of Gospel's feeding cage. Thankfully for them however, it is currently empty. Suddenly out of nowhere, Magnetman appears and traps everyone but Rockman to the wall! As expected, a battle between Magnetman and Rockman begins.

Meanwhile, the World 3 navis are still searching for a way to rejoin the others. As Rockman is battling Magnetman, a style change occurs, and Rockman transforms to Wood Shield. However no sooner does the battle continue, when Rockman's body begins acting strange again! As the bug inflicts pain onto Rockman, Magnetman takes the opportunity to knock him to the ground.

Soon enough, Magicman, Elecman, and Coloredman find their way to rejoin the others. Just when they're about to save Rockman, a familiar old voice tells them to wait. It's Dr. Wily! Everyone is surprised to see that the old geezer is still alive and kicking.

With his identity revealed, Wily begins his long speech of what he's been up to. He reveals that Shuryou was only a robot, programmed to do his bidding while he recovered his health in secret after the incident with Pharoahman. While in hiding, he broke apart Pharoahman's data, and repaired the Ultimate Program hidden within. As a result, the Ultimate Program was reborn in the form of Gospel.

With the World 3's leader back intact, Madoi and Mahajarama both plug-out their navis. However, Elec Hakushaku refuses to pass up this opportunity to fight his brother Gauss head on, and decides to remain in the battle. Vowing that he'll be the victor, he sends in Elecman to take Magnetman off of Rockman's hands.

Meanwhile, Forte has finally caught up with the beast known as Gospel in Net City. As Gospel attempts to stamp out Forte, he gets easily thrown aside. At this moment, Wily once again butts in.

Wily: "Gospel and Forte are like brothers. This is because Forte doesn't have the Ultimate Program of Destruction yet...he began multiplying himself and was regnerated....he was born from Pharoahman! Though he was quite removed from Pharoahman and had no command over his memory.....coming into contact with Rockman has awakened him. Forte is near to being a perfect being.....he wishes to fuse with the Ultimate Program, Gospel."

In short, Forte and Gospel were both made from Pharoahman's data. However, Gospel was given the Ultimate Program, and Forte was not. Thus being so, Forte is now after Gospel for the said program, so he can be "complete".

As Forte manages to subdue the giant dog, he begins the process of decompiling Gospel and fusing him with his own body. Eventually he succeeds, and Gospel completely disappears. However, suddenly something goes very wrong! Forte screams out in agony as Gospel's data is repelled from his body, and reinstated on the ground in perfect form again. The process results in Forte's own deletion, as his data is also consumed by Gospel.

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