Moment of Collapse!
(The End of the End)

Japanese Air Date: 2-24-03
American Air Date: 8-14-04

The following summary leaves nothing out, so please beware of spoilers!

Rockman is lamenting Forte's deletion when all of a sudden his own body starts to act wierd again. It seems he's somehow contracted a bug, which is slowly infecting his system. The immense pain brings Rockman to his knees as the bug slowly spreads.

During this, Elecman and Magnetman continue their all-out battle to finally determine which brother will come out on top. Rockman's friends are still trapped against the wall, and their operators cannot plug them out due to interferance caused by the magnets holding them there.

Due to the bug hindering his systems, Rockman pleads with Netto to use the Extra Code to temporarily override it, so he may save his friends. Netto argues that the Code is dangerous to activate, because it uses up so much of Rockman's energy.

Rockman: "I can't control my body....but maybe if you raise my hit points...."
Netto: "It's too dangerous, Rockman! Each time I raise your hit points with the Extra Code, you take too much damage!
Rockman: "It doesn't matter! Hurry, the code!"
Netto: "Rockman......."

Meanwhile, Magnetman has gained the upper hand, as he directly stabs Elecman through his middle with one of his magnet rods. Elecman collapses to the ground, out of commission as Magnetman clamps his head to the ground with his foot.

With Elecman's defeat, Netto finally installs the Extra Code into Rockman. With the code activated, Rockman's body once again turns to normal, and also style changes into the powerful Aqua Custom. With his enormous energy boost, Rockman quickly proceeds to beat Magnetman to a pulp. Netto slot-in's the Spread Gun Program Advance to finish the battle, however as Rockman prepares to fire, his body begins to faulter, making it very hard to aim.

Magnetman, noticing that Rockman's body is in trouble again, realizes that all is not lost on his side. However, it seems that he has forgotten his other opponent, Elecman! Having caught Magnetman by surprise from behind, a revived Elecman latches onto Magnetman, preventing him from moving or attacking Rockman.

Elecman: "Rockman, don't worry about me! Your can aim for me!"
Rockman: "Elecman........."
Elecman: "That's it! Rockman, fire!"

As the bug advances into Rockman's systems, he again loses control of his body, and releases the Program Advance. Elecman refuses to let Magnetman go, and Elec Hakushaku cannot plug him out, since if he did, Magnetman would be able to escape. As both navi and operator realize Elecman's fate, everyone can only watch as both Magnetman and Elecman are deleted in the blast.

Netto: "Elec Hakushaku....."
Elec Hakushaku: "Thank you, boy....thanks to you, I was able to defeat my brother."

Since Magnetman was deleted, Rockman's friends are set free. With the battle over, Rockman reverts out of his style change, and collapses to the ground, completely unconcious. Iceman and Glyde both comment that Rockman's data is slowly breaking apart due to the bug. They quickly carry Rockman out of the server, and back to a computer at Yaito's clubhouse for safety.

After losing his navi Magnetman, Gauss pleads to Wily for forgiveness. He blames his brother Elec Hakushaku for allowing Rockman to get away from him. Not surprisingly, Wily deflates Gauss' ego by stating that he was also just being used, much like Shuryou.

Meanwhile, the Net Agents are quickly evacuating the rest of Japan's Net City, as Gospel approaches. Commander Beef has devised a plan that may be able to stop Gospel, but they will need the city clear in order to put it into action.

Back at Yaito's clubhouse, Netto watches helplessly as Rockman's data slowly decompiles on the screen. Yaito mentions that they need a genious in order to save him. So who else should appear, but Eguchi Meijin! Mejin reveals that the cause of Rockman's bug is from Forte.

Meijin: "I believe the deconstruction of the Ultimate Program resulted in the creation of a bug which grew. Forte and Gospel....those two fused the bug (that was inside themselves). When Rockman came into contact with Forte, Rockman's Ultimate Program resonated with Forte....and that started a bug."

Netto recalls the time when Forte kidnapped Rockman, and read his memories. He concludes that when Forte connected to Rockman, that is when the bug inside Rockman was created. Meijin doesn't know if Rockman will pull through the ordeal, but he has belief in Yuuichirou Hikari's creations.

With Japan's Net City completely vacant, the Net Agents begin their plan to destroy Gospel. Woodman and Skullman act as a diversion, attacking Gospel from a small car armed with a laser. After gaining his attention, they flee from the monster as they lead him to the Net Battle Colosseum. Once inside the arena, they quickly activate a force field, which traps Gospel within.

With Gospel within their grasp, they activate their new weapon, the Deletron. After an immense amount of charging, they finally release their attack upon the monster. Under an enourmous amount of pain, Gospel begins to get frantic. Suddenly, back at the clubhouse, Rockman's data begins breaking apart at an even faster rate! As the Net Agents set their weapon to maximum power, Rockman's data breaks apart completely, and dissappears from the Club House's computer entirely.

As a last ditch effort, Gospel finally manages to destroy the weapons attacking him. Unfortunately, all of the Net Agent's navis are then absorbed by Gospel as well. Suddenly, Miyuki reports that there is another energy reading inside Net City other than Gospel.

Up in the sky, a bright light erupts, then crashes into the ground as it spirals downwards. As the smoke clears, it reveals to be none other than Rockman! But something is strange, as he looks entirely different. It's a new style change...Bug Style!

It seems that Rockman's own Ultimate Program awoke the fifth new style. Wily orders Gospel to absorb Rockman, so that he may have all three of the Ultimate Programs (Forte, Blues, and Rockman).

As Gospel begins his attack, it quickly becomes apparant that Rockman is not himself. Deflecting his attack easily, Rockman casts Gospel aside and crashing into a nearby building, then assaults him with a series of kicks and punches.

With Gospel collapsed, Rockman advances slowly. Suddenly to everyone's shock, Rockman begins absorbing everything around him into his own body! With the gained ability of the Bug, Rockman has gained Forte and Gospel's attributes and abilities.

As Rockman is absorbing his surroundings, Gospel suddenly attacks from the side, capturing Rockman. After a few moments, the contents surrounding Rockman begin to glow, then break apart! Being freed, Rockman once again begins absorbing everything, including Gospel himself!

Unfortunately, Rockman cannot handle this immense power, and he begins to go out of control. He quickly devours Net City entirely, leaving nothing but black space behind. The entire network begins to crumble as data is torn away, leaving even Wily pleading for him to stop this madness. As Netto watches Rockman suffer under the huge strain, he steps towards the bright light in front of him, which contains his mad-stricken navi.

Netto: "I'll turn Rockman back!"

Despite Meiru's protests, Netto enters the area in which Rockman is currently residing in (how, I cannot say, it seems the computer server somehow fused with the real world at this point).

Netto: "Rockman! Open your eyes, Rockman! Rockman! Remember! Rockman!"
Rockman: "Ne.....tto.......Netto!"

Having awakened his inner being, Rockman's system slowly begins to revert to normal. In the process, all of the data Rockman had absorbed is also released. Net City is slowly put back into place, and all of the navis that had been devoured by Gospel are reinstated as well.

But of course, what about Wily? As the old man sits in a state of shock, Shuryou's robot suddenly reactivates and stands up to face Wily! Only, it's not Shuryou who is's Forte! Before making his departure, Forte vows to use the body to take over the entire world (ambitious, isn't he?).

With everything back in place, and the net back to normal, Netto calls out to Rockman. Sure enough, the little blue navi reappears inside Netto's PET, completely safe and sound.

Rockman: "I'm home, Netto-kun."
Netto: "Welcome back, Rockman."
Everyone: "Welcome back, Rockman."

Ryouko's Note: This was an absolutely outstanding ending to this second season. You have to watch this in order to get the full emotion, especially in Netto and Rockman's final scene when the net is being destroyed. I'm sure the KidsWB will be hacking this one to pieces, so save yourself the heartache and watch this in the original Japanese version.

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