Secret of the Ayano-Kouji House!

Japanese Air Date: 3-3-03
American Air Date: skipped in airing

Episode 52 begins a series of light hearted episodes, that finish out the original EXE saga. After the seriousness of Episode 51, this one seems just a bit off the wall.

Yaito has invited everyone over to her mansion to enjoy a dessert feast! Just as they're about to dive in, a vacuum cleaner arrives and sucks up all of their delicious food! Not only that, but it's taken all of their PETs as well!

The cause of the vacuum's strange behavior reveals itself to be the fault of Yaito's young house maid, Kiryuuin Sakurako. She accidently sucked up a virus chip while doing her cleaning chores. Now on a mad dash to retrieve their PETs, a journey through Yaito's gigantic mansion begins! The road is perilous, as booby traps and mazes lay around every corner. Catch that vacuum!

Ryouko's Note: ......a vacuum cleaner. A VACUUM CLEANER?! This was probably my most unfavourite episode out of all 52 ever aired. I'd like to know what kind of hobbit-weed these writers were smoking when they wrote this. The only redeeming part of this entire episode is when Yaito's mansion goes Power Ranger mode and transforms into a giant mecha. >:D

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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