Commander Beef vs. Netto-kun!

Japanese Air Date: 3-10-03
American Air Date: (Only Aired in Canada)

Mariko-sensei has been depressed lately, and no one can figure out why. When Yaito holds a party tp cheer her up, she reveals that she has fallen in love with someone! It turns out to be none other than the leader of the Net Agents, Commander Beef! Masa-san is devastated because she loves his alter ego instead of him, while Higure becomes saddened because he is also in love with her.

To gain back Mariko-sensei's attention, Higure challanges Commander Beef to a Net Battle duel! The final prize -- a date with Mariko-sensei! To be fair, Masa-san is also included into the challange. Obviously Masa-san cannot verse himself, so he has Netto stand in for him while he poses as Commander Beef.

It's the final showdown for Mariko-sensei's affections! Who will it be: Higure, Masa-san, or Commander Beef?!

Ryouko's Note: *snirks* This love triangle always amuses me, it continues even into the Axess series. At Yaito's party, the girls sing Aki-chan's song. Elec Hakushaku then comments that he wants to sing next. XD Sadly we don't get to see it, aww....

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