Chisao Comes to Town!
(Chisao's in Town)

Japanese Air Date: 3-17-03
American Air Date: 11-23-04

Character Introductions: Chisao Oyama, Kotohiro Saburou, Sanukiman.exe

A relative has come to visit Dekao, it's his little brother Chisao! The little squirt idolizes his big brother, and believes him to tbe the #1 Net Battler in town. Of course, this is only because Dekao told him he was! In order to keep Chisao happy and believing, Netto and the others pretend to be Dekao's disciples in Net Battling.

During a mock battle with Rockman, Dekao proves his faulty worth as a surpreme Net Battler. However when Chisao gets his little hands on Dekao's PET, he instantly pulls off a Program Advance with Gutsman! Outraged that his little brother did something he could not, he reminds Chisao that he is not yet old enough to handle the responsibility of having his own Net Navi.

Later, when a mysterious man asks Chisao if he would like to help him with a little "problem", Chisao accepts, because in return he gets his very own Navi! Enter "Kutsman", an almost-exact copy of Gutsman. Of course the mystery man is up to no good, and drags the innocent Chisao into it. Can Dekao save his baby brother from corruption?!

Ryouko's Note: Chisao is so cuuuuuuuuuuute~chu! The World 3 are also in this episode~chu, as Chisao is told that they are aliens~chu. Elecman looking exasperated while tied up = hilarious~chu. >:D

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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