Blues' Long Day!
(From Here to Revolutionary PET's)

Japanese Air Date: 3-24-03
American Air Date: 12-9-04

Character Introductions: Drillman.exe

A company, Precise Electronics Machinery, is designing a new technology to aid in the creation of the next generation of PETs. Enzan is sent out by his father, to negotiate a partnership on behalf of his company, IPC.

When Enzan arrives,the owner of the company barely gives him the time of day. Instead, he treats him as a lowly worker, by sending him out on tedious errands and cleaning such things as the bathroom toilet.

Blues: " this really alright?"
Enzan: "Yeah. Whether I want to or not, this is part of the job."

Eventually, Enzan lends Blues to the programmers, so he may help develop their data. Enzan's usual headstrong techniques quickly get in the way, and he's told to redo it carefully and slow instead.

Things suddenly go awry when one of the programmers runs off with the uncompleted PET data, to sell it for money! Some unexpected old friends return, and Enzan learns a lesson in Net Battling that he won't soon forget!

Ryouko's Note: This is a fond farewell to Enzan & Blues, in their last real appearance in the EXE series. I absolutely adored this episode for the simple fact that Blues is finally given some PERSONALITY. The boy actually tries to cheer, for cripes sake! So adorable. >:D

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