Virus Busters!
(Virus Busters!)

Japanese Air Date: 3-31-03
American Air Date: 8-21-04

Character Introductions: Dream Virus

Yuuichirou Hikari has been busy developing a new technique called the "Dimensional Area". A shopping mall has allowed him to use their basement as a test area. When they begin their testing, the operation is a success!

Later on, Netto receives news that his father has suddenly gone missing. Enzan informs him about Hikari's latest developments, and so everyone (including Mariko-sensei, Commander Beef and Higure!) head to the shopping mall to search for him. When they arrive, they're greeted with the sight of a giant tree which has taken control of the entire area!

Netto and his friends decide to infiltrate the Shopping Mall, and are shocked to discover viruses roaming around every corner! But they have yet to discover the giant virus that is the direct cause of it all....the all famous Dream Virus!

Ryouko's Note: I shall leave this chat quote from our channel on IRC as my only statement about this episode:

Izumi: this episode is so funny
Izumi: 25 minutes of filler, like...1 whole minute of eyecatches
Izumi: and the ENTIRE plot crammed into the ending theme
Ryouko: yeah isn't it great XD
Izumi: awesome XD
Josuke: all animes should go like that

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