Subzero Tempatures
(Ice Ice Baby)

Japanese Air Date: 4-8-02
American Air Date: 11-24-04

Character Introductions: Tohru Hikawa, Seiji Hikawa (Froid), Iceman.exe

The Water supply mysteriously runs dry throughout the city! People are frantically trying to get water but can't... it seems that the World 3 has taken over the Water Works! As Netto goes to figure things out he runs into a strange boy who seems to be in a rush, and also drops a security pass for the Water Works. Netto and the others go and break into the Water Works to find out who is behind the water crisis and to stop them!

Netto finds out it's not a good idea to taunt a security robot, while Rockman finds himself in a pinch when he's outnumbered. Can they both pull through and set things straight? And just who is the mysterious kid who seems to be a part of all of this mess?

Ryouko's note: This is the first episode that the dub "Megaman NT Warrior" decided to skip. Well whaddyaknow, they decided to show it afterall. Only a year and a half after the dub series premiered. Better late than never, I guess.

In regardance to the anime plotline, this is the first time a major character is also rewritten in relation to the games. Originally, Seiji Hikawa (aka Froid) was the operator of Iceman. In the anime series however, Iceman belongs to his son, Tohru.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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