Duel at Midnight!
(Game Off)

Japanese Air Date: 4-15-02
American Air Date: 11-25-04

Character Introductions: Woodman.exe

Count Elec is playing robber by breaking into areas with high security systems systmatically... level 7... level 8... and so on. After breaking the level 8 security systems he decides to steal something extremely valuable: the smiles on children's faces! Gabcom, Yaito's dad's company is realeasing a new video game and everyone wants it! Of course Netto and the others are highly anticipating the new game, and get into the long line at Higure's shop to pre-order it! Unfortunately Masa-san begins to rant at them for not exercising instead, causing a big scene which grabs Higure's attention.

After watching a climatic fight between Masa and Higure, Netto and the others lose their place in line and their chance for a preorder! Yaito drives up and tells them that they can play it at her house, but the game data wont be ready until Midnight! It is also guarded by a level 9 and 10 security system.. .hmm.. could this be Count Elec's next target? Must be....one thing is for sure, "It's Amajing!" -- quoth Count Elec

Ryouko's note: This was a great episode for fans of Elec Hakushaku and Elecman (like me!). Watching Elecman laugh with glee as he destroyed everything in sight was way too much fun. <3

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