Revenge of Fireman
(Hot Tempers)

Japanese Air Date: 4-22-02
American Air Date: 11-29-04

Hinoken is depressed... he has lost his burning passion, his flame, his will to battle because of his loss to Rockman. Due to this he wants to get back at Rockman and Netto for the loss of his "flame". So he sends Fireman to get Rockman's attention by causing incidents all over the city...not only that, he gives Meiru a bad hairday while she uses a salon hair dryer! Netto laughs at her bad hair day at school and even Dekao laughs, though he poorly tries to defend Meiru.

Rockman and Roll decide that they should try to get Netto and Meiru back together, but Rockman makes the mistake of degrading Roll when she says she has no info to help him out. Roll of course becomes offended, and stalks off with Gutsman in tow. Hinoken, seeing that Rockman isn't answering his mischief making, desides to send a letter challanging Rockman to a fight to the death.

Fireman, either by laziness or dumb luck, finds Roll and Gutsman and gives the letter to Roll to give to Rockman. Roll, being still upset at Rockman, doesn't give it to him and decides with Meiru to kick Fireman's butt to prove themselves to Rockman and Netto. Can Roll lay the smackdown on Fireman, or is she in over her head?

Ryouko's note: This was and still is one of my very favourite episodes out of all of the EXE that I have seen. A real gem! This is a great episode for Hinoken fans too, you get to see a lot of his personality in this one.

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