Yoga Soldier of Terror!
(The Yoga Warrior!)

Japanese Air Date: 4-29-02
American Air Date: 6-21-03

Character Introductions: Mahajorama, Magicman.exe, Enzan Injuin, Blues.exe

Hey everyone! Its time for your favorite show! Yoga with Mahajorama! Everyone in the world tunes into this famous and interesting show with the Yoga Master, Mahajorama. Meiru and Netto are rushing to Yaito's clubhouse to watch it (who wouldn't with a TV that size!) but while everyone is watching, Magicman.exe takes over the network and hypnotizes everyone into being animals!

Netto and Meiru, being the only ones who haven't watched the show find that their friends are acting like animals and attack them! eep! Will Netto and Meiru be able to avoid being kibbles n' bits and can they turn everyone back to normal?

Ryouko's note: This episode marks the introduction of two huge fan favourites, Enzan and Blues. However, you won't be seeing much of them in action until a few more episodes later.

Edits in the English Version:

Count Elec being electricuted by Dr. Wily's robot hand is cut out

Mahajarama's name written behind him while on TV is left as is in the dub, even though the character is renamed Yahoot.

The title bar announcing Mahajarama is redone in english as Yahoot.

All of the yoga poses are given different names.

Some of the original japanese soundtrack is used when Megaman is telling Lan that Magicman is behind all the chaos.

Miyuki flying high above the buildings back and forth is cut out.

On a funny note, in the original there was an animation error just after Netto uses the area steal chip for Rockman. When Rockman comes up on his PET screen (the split screen shot), Rockman is missing his hair! Yet, in the new dub version, the error was fixed and Rockman is no longer hairless. ^_^

More of the original Japanese soundtrack is used again when Netto confronts Mahajarama after their battle.

Enzan is renamed Chaud and Blues is renamed Protoman.

Episode summaries were done by Steve, and were final edited by me. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P