Cross Fusion!
(Cross Fusion!)

Japanese Air Date: 10-4-03
American Air Date: 11-22-04

Character Introductions: Mystery Man, Beastman.exe, Shademan.exe
Style Change: Cross Fusion

Netto attends an experiment presented by Yuuichirou Hikari (Netto's father) at the Science Labs, concerning the synchonization point of Net Navi data with the operator. However trouble occurs when the air in the Science Labs is cut off! It turns out to be the malicious work of the Dark Loid Navi Beastman.

Netto and Rockman are able to hold off Beastman, but then something very strange occuers....a dimensional area forms around the entire Science Labs! Viruses appear in the real world and begin destroying everything in sight, and endager the lives of everyone trapped inside.

Netto resolves to attempt using the new Synchro Chip, despite his father's warnings that usage of the chip rapidly deteriorates the operator's strength. Using the synchro chip, Netto and Rockman try to union, and the cross fusion succeeds beautifully! Rockman defeates Beastman with his increased buster power, but...

Ryouko's Note: The cross-fusion style change is an attribute that was solely made for the Rockman.exe Axess anime. You won't be seeing this one in the games, or at least not yet! The dub version actually handled this episode very well, I was pleasantly surprised.

Edits in the English Version:

"Stone Cube" is renamed as "Rock Cube"

The opening battle navis called the "Military Crush Brothers" are renamed as the "Sledge Hammer Brothers"

As usual, Rockman's sword is blurred for censorship. This goes for the entire episode.

Rockman slicing the green navi in half is kept in, but glowing light is added to blunt it from the viewer.

Enzan's commercial for the new Advanced PET is cut out entirely. ;_; I was so looking forward to seeing "Plug-in Your Heart!" in english too...

In the original, Meiru is upset with Netto because he made it look like Rockman was losing the opening battle on purpose. In the dub, Maylu is chewing Lan out for being late as usual in meeting her.

In Chisao's first scene, he yells at Netto to "stay away from his Meiru-chan", just like his older brother Dekao would have done. In the dub, Chisao also impersonates his brother, but instead he chides Netto for a Net Battle against Gutsman. Also in the dub, Chisao never mentions that his brother is away in Jawaii.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Hikari Yuuichirou's dub voice?

Before the Cross Fusion experiment begins, Yuuichirou talks with the man in the tube. In the original, we do not hear what they are saying, but in the dub we hear him asking if the guy's suit fits okay.

The terms "Cross Fusion", "Synchro Chip", and "Dimensional Area" all keep their original names in the dub version.

Fans of the original version know that Meijin (Mr. Famous) hates to have the formal -san attached to the end of his name (as in, "Meijin-san"). Netto repeatadly adds it anyways, which results in Meijin constantly telling him "-san wa iranai" ("No need for the -san") Funnily enough, the dub caught on to this by having Lan call Famous, "Mr. Famous". In response he tells Lan "Just Famous would be fine."

Very surprisingly, Misaki and Prisman kept their names intact in the dub version. More interestingly is that they were never even named in the first episode at all in the original version.

When the viruses begin to suck the air out of the lab room, a notification appears on the screen behind Yuuichirou that says "Air is Discharched". In the dub, it's changed to say "Air is Discharging" instead. Makes more sense that way. ^_^;;

It seems that not only are butt shots now being allowed, but so is Rockman firing his buster at the screen. Horray!

Roll's attack "Heart Slash!" is changed to "Roll Blast!"

The message on the door panel that Meijin was trying open was changed from "Error Close" to simply "Error". Likewise when it opens, it's changed from "Access Open" to simply "Open".

Beastman is renamed as "Savageman". This was most likely done because there is a He-Man character already named "Beastman", which means some copyright issues may have been the cause.

While Beastman may have been renamed, his claws remain nice and sharp! Way to go dubbers, you get cookie points for this one.

The "Cannon" battlechip is renamed as "Laser Blast", however the actual program advance "Zeta Cannon" kept its original name.

Extra dialouge between Dr. Hikari and Lan is added in the dub when the Dimensional Area is forming. This scene was originally completely silent.

Netto rushing at Shademan, only to be smacked aside and to the floor is cut out. Unfortunately this makes Shademan's line "You show great bravery to stand against me with just your bare hands." not make a whole lot of sense due to this.

After Netto slots-in the Synchro Chip, he yells together with Rockman, "Cross Fusion!" In the dub, they very quickly say "Initiate Cross Fusion now!", which seems kind of rushed and needless.

Much to my delight, the entire battle between R Rockman and Beastman was left completely untouched! This even includes R Rockman snapping Beastman's claws in half, as well as Beastman's arm getting blasted off in the end.

R Rockman's final attack, "Charge Shot!" is left unnamed in the dub.

At the end of the episode, Netto collapses and falls completely unconcious. In the original, he never woke up until the next morning (shown in Episode 2). However, this was changed in the dub so that it made it seem like Lan was okay right after the battle.

Axess episode summaries were done by Heatman and myself. :)
If you find any typos, please let me know. ^_^; I am not an english major for a reason. :P