The Dark Chip Menace!
(Threat of the DarkChips)

Japanese Air Date: 12-6-03
American Air Date: 3-14-05

Character Introductions: Needleman.exe, Yuriko
Style Change: Roll Soul, Fire Soul

Netto has been given orders as a Net Savior to investigate the new threat of the Dark Chips. Someone has been distributing them among the public! When Netto gets ahold of a Dark Chip from a young boy who's navi went out of control, they learn the disturbing truth behind their uses.

When using a Dark Chip, the Navi receives incredible power, but at a devastating price. The bond shared between the Operator and Navi is severed, and the Navi ultimately loses his soul as his identity program is destroyed.

Determined to put a stop to the Dark Chips, Netto finally tracks down the dealer. Things suddenly go awry when "Mariko-sensei" becomes trapped in a refrigerator room! A new navi called Needleman has trapped her in there, and is determined to send Rockman to deletion. What Netto does not know however, is that the complete situation is a trap.

Can he uncover the truth behind the dealer's true identiy, and resist the temptation of the Dark Chip's power?! Rockman's fate is left completely in Netto's hands.

Ryouko's Note: Needleman is the first Navi from the EXE Transmission game to appear in the anime. This is also Yuriko's first appearance, who was a minor character in EXE/BN 1. She's the evil twin sister of Mariko-sensei.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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