The Steel Sniper
(Code of Conduct)

Japanese Air Date: 12-20-03
American Air Date: 4-11-05

Character Introductions: Searchman.exe
Style Change: none

At the base of Sharro Country, the Control X system was destroyed. The criminal Navi Shadowman has been taking control of the security navis, and turning them against the system itself to do his dirty work. Searchman, the Net Savior Navi of Sharro, chases Shadowman to Japan.

Shadowman reappears at the site of an Airplane Festival in Japan, determined to completely destroy the main Flight Control System X located there. Netto and Rockman, who happened to be at the festival as well to enjoy the show, join with Searchman to fight off Shadowman.

Things aren't so peachy between the Net Savior navis Rockman and Searchman however, when their ideals on Navi life conflict. Is it okay to delete an innocent navi, when they're being forced to attack against their will? Searchman obviously thinks so.

Ryouko's Note: Hurrah, it's Searchman! And by much surprise, Shadowman also reappears. Seems he's found someone else to work for.

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