Cross Fusion Terminated!
(Cross Fusion For All!)

Japanese Air Date: 12-27-03
American Air Date: 4-18-05

Character Introductions: Desertman.exe
Style Change: Guts Soul, Fire Soul, Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

As Netto makes his way to school, he encounters a Dark Chip factory by accident. After successfully shutting down the factory, he's praised immensly by the Net Police, which leads to Netto becoming arrogant and very full of himself.

Later that day, Netto is ordered to investigate another Dark Chip factory. Only this time, Enzan follows as well. Unfortunately for the both of them, the factory was a trap! Netto is forced to use Cross Fusion in order to battle Desertman, who's prime goal is to kill Rockman's operator. Meanwhile, Enzan faces off against Yuriko.

Netto's pride is delved a hard blow when he can't win against the Dark Loids. When things look their worst, he's saved just in time by Blues! However, it's NOT Blues. It's Enzan! It seems Netto is no longer the only one with the special gift of Cross Fusion.

Ryouko's Note: ENZAN AND BLUES CROSS FUSION. >:D Our fangirl prayers have been answered! *hopes for a pretty henshin sequence like Netto's*

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