The Stolen Princess!
(The Purloined Princess)

Japanese Air Date: 1-10-04
American Air Date: 3-17-05

Style Change: Cross Fusion (Enzan)

Yaito, whom is studying abroad in Kingland, calls over Netto, Meiru and co. to visit. However, things are not going well for the spoiled little girl. The Princess from her new game, "Strawberry Princess", has gone missing! She can't release the game for sale until the Princess is found. So being the good friends that they are, Netto and co. offer to help track her down.

Not only is the Princess missing, but wierd things are happening around the city! After many failures in finding the Princess, they decide that the Princess' dissappearance and the disturbances around the city may be related. All of the targets have been Yaito's favourite places! With this in mind, Rockman, Roll and Glyde are transmitted into the Yaito's castle cyberworld.

Once inside, the navis find something they hardly expected! It's up to them to save the Princess, and restore order to Yaito's magical game.

Ryouko's Note: Yay, another regular character it returns! It's nice to see that Axess did not forget them entirely. This episode is obviously a filler, but it's a cute one!

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