Incredible Guts!
(The Incredible Guts!)

Japanese Air Date: 1-17-04
American Air Date: 4-25-05

Style Change: none

Back to Jawaii Island! Dekao is in the usual midst of training under the watchful eye of the World 3 as he yearns to beat Rockman and Netto. By chance at an antique shop, he comes across a card reader type machine which he believes will raise Gutsman's power. It was even made by the legendary Hikari Tadashi! (Netto's Grandfather) With this in hand, he challenges Netto and Rockman to battle!

However, because of using the machine too much, Gutsman becomes abnormally gigantic and goes on a rampage. In order to hault the assault, Netto comes up with a plan to put Gutsman asleep by using Bad Spice chips. Things suddenly go awry when Gutsman takes Roll-chan hostage, and climbs a tower! It's good old King Kong action, Gutsman style.

Ryouko's Note: O_o *blinks* This episode was basically just a huge advertisement for the E-Reader cards being released for Battle Network 4. Still a funny episode though. :)

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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