Cute! Demon?
(It's All How You Look At It!)

Japanese Air Date: 1-24-04
American Air Date: 6-6-05

Character Introductions: Kido Shuuko, Aquaman.exe
Style Change: Number Soul

Shuuko, who is trying to run from the name of bad luck girl, was said to have been involved in everything related to unhappiness. Aquaman believes his operator's feelings are from his own unhappiness, which results in an uneasy pair. Higure accidently lets Shuuko see an advertisement for a Net Battle tournament he is hosting, and becomes depressed because he just knows she will bring bad luck!

Storms strike the next day, but the battles do go on. By ultimate surprise, Shuuko and Aquaman win by default when everyone else becomes afraid of this "demon" navi that belongs to the unlucky girl. They all decide to celebrate Shuuko's victory, but her party goes awry when they lose power. Now they can't cook their special meal!

Shuuko becomes depressed, so Aquaman goes off on his own to the Electrical company. However, when he's suddenly ganged up on by security navis, his crying starts a flood! It's up to Rockman and Number to go and save the poor wee navi, before the entire network becomes an ocean.

Ryouko's Note: Pelululu~! Aquaman is so CUTE. He talks like a little baby. XD

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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