The Assaulting Beastman!
(Savageman Returns!)

Japanese Air Date: 1-31-04
American Air Date: 5-2-05

Style Change: Metal Soul, Cross Fusion (Netto)

Netto comes to visit a worldwide product display at a sea tower, and encounters Tamako who has a branch shop there. He promptly accepts a challenge to a rematch battle with Metalman. However, Beastman who is running wildly due to the influence of the dark chip, interrupts their fight.

Yuriko has also come to the meeting place, and she uses Needleman to destroy a leg section of the sea tower, which sends the area into a panic. Among all this, Rockman receives the power of Metal Soul, but even that is not enough to destroy a rabid Beastman. Can the combined power of Rockman and Netto put down this Dark Loid once and for all?

Ryouko's Note: It was nice to see Tamako and Metalman return in an episode that was actually decently animated this time. (Episode 5 was HORRIBLE) Unfortunately this is the last time we ever see these two.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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