The Man Who Came from Sharo
(The Man From Sharo)

Japanese Air Date: 2-7-04
American Air Date: 5-9-05

Character Introductions: Laika, Videoman.exe
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

Laika, the operator of Searchman, has come to Japan. Laika is the Net Savior of Sharo country, but similar to their Navis, he and Netto do not see eye-to-eye. Laika believes that Cross Fusion is an unneccessary tool. At this time an incident at a cinema occurs. It's the work of the Dark Loid Navi, Videoman!

Videoman puts down his attack on Cross Fusion Rockman in the Dimensional Area. R Rockman is being beaten by Videoman's relentless attacks, but thankfully Laika and Searchman destroy the dimensional converter, which cancels the dimensional area. Laika one again declares that Cross Fusion and the like are unnecessary, having literally proved his point. Netto is left frustrated that he could not defeat Videoman on his own.

Ryouko's Note: How interesting, one of the new fan-made navis for EXE4 is making an appearance in the series. Also, the return of Searchman, yay! Laika is a huge fan favourite (especially with the girls). He reminds me a lot of Enzan. :)

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