Net City Disappears!
(NetCity No More!)

Japanese Air Date: 10-11-03
American Air Date: 3-1-05

Style Change: Cross Fusion

Netto receives the Synchro Chip from his father, so that he and Rockman can use Cross Fusion again in the future. However as a side effect, Rockman can no longer use his previous style changes (HeatGuts, WoodShield, and so on).

While Netto is observing Net City with Meiru and Chisao, an enourmous UFO appears and begins absorbing all of the data! To protect the city, Rockman boards the UFO but is immediatly distracted when Beastman attacks yet again, and causes him to log out. In order to defeat Beastman, who has appeared in the real world, Netto and Rockman must again use Cross Fusion. Can they save the Japan Net City before it completely dissappears?!

Ryouko's Note: At the end of this episode, Netto and Rockman are promoted to being official "Net Saviors". This responsibility will lead Netto to many missions involving the Dark Loids and the Dark Chips in further episodes.

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