Hand Over the Dark Chips!
(Dark Secret)

Japanese Air Date: 2-21-04
American Air Date: 5-23-05

Style Change: Search Soul, Cross Fusion (Enzan)

Desertman runs wildly seeking more dark chips, he's become hopelessly addicted (dark chips are bad for you, kids!). He invades the net police, but gets captured for his efforts. In order to get Desertman back, Shademan dispatches Flashman, but Blues and Rockman step in.

Shademan decides to take Comissioner Kifune and his assistant Manabe hostage, and demands the return of Desertman. Netto and Rockman manage to rescue them, while Cross Fusion Enzan and Blues take care of Flashman. Sadly, Desertman and Flashman lose their sanity from the dark chips, resulting in their own deletions.

Ryouko's Note: Woohoo, more Cross Fusion Blues! Bout freakin time. :P Interesting, we haven't seen Flashman since episode 4 where Roll Soul was introduced. Guess they haven't forgotten him.

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