Bubbleman's Great Friend Strategy
(Bubbleman's Plan)

Japanese Air Date: 3-6-04
American Air Date: 9-10-05

Style Change: Fire Soul

Bubbleman still desires to defeat Rockman, and fancies that if he could obtain a Soul Unison he could accomplish his goal. He reaches the conclusion that he must find a friend to unison with, and goes searching around the cyber world.

Bubbleman encounters Aquaman and Iceman and becomes friendly with them, but will his Soul Unison be successful? Even if he isn't, these three put together are a hilarious bunch! It's Ice, Aqua and Bubbles, a trio that is sure to be unstoppable.

Ryouko's Note: *cracks up laughing* Oh...my....goodness.....I KNEW Bubbleman was crazy, but this is INSANE.

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