Terrible Super Energy
(The Super Power of Shiver)

Japanese Air Date: 3-13-04
American Air Date: 6-13-05

Character Introductions: Dr. Regal, Sparkman.exe
Style Change: Number Soul, Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

To research the Dimensional Converter that was captured from the Dark Loids, Dr. Regal, the global authority of super energy, is invited to the science bureau. Rockman and Blues are plugged into the DC the moment Regal repairs it; and the DC operates and successfully makes a Dimensional Area.

However, Rockman discovers with the power of Number Soul that the source of the DC's energy is the souls of Net Navis! Sparkman, whom is ordered to destroy the DC, appears and overwhelms R Rockman and R Blues, who have been weakened by the Dark Loid Dimensional Converter. Regal reflects on the circumstances of his own experiment that let this kind of situation occur, but...

Ryouko's Note: Another EXE4 navi marks the scene, this time being Sparkman. It seems from now on Enzan and Netto will be working together far more often as well.

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