Red Hot Magma Fight
(Magma Battle)

Japanese Air Date: 3-20-04
American Air Date: 6-18-05

Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

Netto and co. come to the "Great Hell Valley Onsen" (hot bath) due to wierd activity in a section of the area. There is a report of an intruder in the cyber space of the geothermal power station, so Enzan goes to the "Great Hell Valley Onsen" on Net Savior duty. The criminal is Burnerman!

The geothermal power station goes haywire, causing a volcano with the said intent that a volcanic eruption will cause fear and terror to the human world. A Dimensional Area forms over the area and Burnerman dives into the magma. Netto and Enzan Cross Fusion in order to fight and stop Burnerman.

After everything is settled, the gang decides to take it easy and enjoy the Onsen! Yes, that includes even mr antisocial himself, Enzan! Bout time we finally get to see that boy laugh. Even if Netto is standing buck naked right next to him.

Ryouko's Note: W00t, the return of my favourite rabid squirrel! BURNERMAN! *waves flags* And Enzan in a towel. :DDD

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