Videoman, Reloaded
(Videoman Returns)

Japanese Air Date: 3-27-04
American Air Date: 6-25-05

Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan)

Netto tries to go rent the latest popular movie, "StarPotter Reloaded". However, everyone is already sold out! At that time, an incident is continually occuring in the cyber world. When Netto and Enzan look into the incident, they are surprised to find the criminal is a fake Navi who looks just like Rockman!

With hatred for Rockman, Videoman works his crime using the form of Rockman whom he secretly videotaped. He's spreading the evil form of Rockman everywhere by recording him into the StarPotter Reloaded tapes! With a mechanism from the popular movie video, Netto and Enzan are able to pinpoint a dubbing factory, and go there to confront Videoman. But can they defeat over a hundred perfect copies of Rockman?

Ryouko's Note: evil Rockman. This is as close to a DS Rockman as we ever get in this series. Anyone else find the title of this episode rather amusing? Especially since Videoman made references to the Matrix in his last appearance. :P

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