Memory of the Blue Flame
(Anetta's Revenge)

Japanese Air Date: 4-3-04
American Air Date: 7-2-05

Character Introductions: Anetta, Silk.exe
Style Change: n/a

When Netto and co. go after a Dark Chip smuggling company, they find and rescue the young girl Anetta, who was in confinement. Anetta becomes innocently attached to Netto and Enzan, but the truth is she's a follower of Nebula.

Anetta's navi Silk was deleted by none other than Enzan's navi Blues, so she's out on a mission of revenge. However, Anetta remains in the dark about the real truth concerning her dear Net Navi. Nebula's ultimate purpose is to make Enzan use a Dark Chip, which has the power to obliterate a navi's very own soul.

Ryouko's Note: Nebula is the official name for the criminal group in charge of the Dark Loids, and is headed by the Mystery Man.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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