Decisive Battle! Nebula Base
(Nebula's Secret Base)

Japanese Air Date: 4-10-04
American Air Date: 7-9-05

Character Introductions: Laserman, Swordman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Enzan), Blues Soul

Netto and Enzan rush to Dr. Regal's hideout, which turns out to be on a tanker in the middle of the sea. When they arrive by helicopter, viruses appear and begin to attack the tanker itself! This is an attack from Shademan who is frenzied over Regal's betrayal.

R Rockman and R Blues fight against Shademan, but they are unable to maintain the power of Cross Fusion. Determined to kill all of the humans, Shademan tries to make the tanker explode by attacking it's energy core inside the net.

Not having enough power to defeat Shademan, Enzan is then forced to use a Dark Chip on Blues in order to save their lives. Blues gives Rockman Blues Soul, but Blues himself becomes swallowed in darkness and runs off wrecklessly, his whereabouts obscure.

Ryouko's Note: The fact that Enzan slots in the Dark Chip even with knowing it's dire results is interesting. This begins a long 20 episode saga concerning the consequences of Enzan's decision.

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