Enzan VS Blues
(Chaud VS Protoman)

Japanese Air Date: 4-24-04
American Air Date: 7-23-05

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

Enzan, serving as the executive vice president of IPC, cooperates with the Science Labs to help create a new type of PET. Yuuichirou asks Enzan to pick up a disk for him at his home, where he meets up with Netto.

The two boys have a conversation about Blues, and Enzan proclaims cruely that it would have been better that Rockman been corrupted. However, he really just feels guilty for failing as an operator. Netto finally knocks some sense into him (literally), and reassures Enzan that they will get Blues back.

The new top staff of Nebula, Laserman, plans to obtain the information. Blues is dispatched on his first mission as a Dark Loid. A Dimensional Area appears at the Science Labs, and Gravityman invades, acting as a distraction so Blues can enter via the cyberworld.

R Rockman goes to fight Gravityman, while Enzan is forced to fight against his own navi, using a prototype of the Battle Chip Gate. Enzan manages to capture Blues for a moment, and makes a backup disk of the new PET data. However, Blues breaks free, and returns back to Nebula. Having failed his mission, Laserman forces Blues to integrate fully with his Dark Soul, which transforms him completely.

Ryouko's Note: Poor Enzan, you have to feel really bad for him. ;_; However, Blues' new look is uber kickass.

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