Jabajaba, Dangerous Foam!
(Bubble Trouble!)

Japanese Air Date: 10-18-03
American Air Date: 3-2-05

Character Introductions: Bubbleman.exe
Style Change: Cross Fusion

Netto investigates various troubling incidents concerning the water supplies. When he plugs Rockman into the cyber world of the water bureau, they find that the Dark Loid Navi Bubbleman is reversing the water flow in all of the rest rooms of the world!

Netto becomes frustrated when Rockman can't comprehend the seriousness of not being able to go to the bathroom, leading to a disagreement between the two.

Rockman and Netto must attempt Cross Fusion to stop Bubbleman, but because of their quarreling the fusion fails and Netto is forced to taken on the Dark Loid without Rockman's help. Can these two so-called friends make up in time to save each other's skins?!

Ryouko's Note: *twitches* Bubbleman....how I hated him in EXE3. Who would think a navi boss called BUBBLEMAN could be so dang hard. >.< Nevertheless, while the series is suppossed to be promoting EXE4, they're still using navis from EXE3. Interesting, no?

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