Object J From the Satellite
(Space Junk!)

Japanese Air Date: 5-8-04
American Air Date: 7-30-05

Character Introductions: Junkman.exe
Style Change: None

Netto and co. are taken to a space station due to a call from Yaito. Someone manipulating space debris caused a collision with the Gabgom's corporately owned space station.

The criminal of the incident is Junkman, who was born from inside an abandoned weather satellite. Unable to withstand being alone in outer space, he called out thinking that trash was a friend close to himself.

Netto, Meiru, Yaito, Chisao, Rush and Mariko-sensei board the junk castle, determined to solve the problem. What they don't expect, is to be "greeted" by numerous robots made of junk! Junkman is angry because these "humans" aren't his friends. It'll take the combined power of all their navis to put this matter to rest.

Ryouko's Note: Yay, Glyde returns! The introduction of Junkman is a surprise. As Josuke would say, "JUNK YOU UP!" (*insert inside joke here*)

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