Revival! Commander Beef
(Commander Beef Returns)

Japanese Air Date: 5-15-04
American Air Date: 9-3-05

Style Change: None

It's heard to Netto's great joy that Commander Beef, who had taken a post of duty overseas, is coming back temporarily. Commander Beef lies in wait at a fish market where he heard Gauss and Yuriko were scheming Dark Chip dealings, but Gauss mistakes Mariko for Yuriko, and takes her away instead.

Commander Beef, whom is really Masa, chases after them. Netto follows along, concerned for his teacher's safety. At last Commander Beef's true identity is revealed to Mariko!... Or so she thought. Seven Commander Beefs appear at that place and cause great confusion! Some good cross dressing fun, and Gauss threatens a fish. Overall just a crazy episode. :P

Ryouko's Note: This episode features the return of Commander Beef, Gauss and Magnetman! This all comes as a huge surprise, and completely out of the blue.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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