Cross Fusion #0
(The Battle Chip Gate!)

Japanese Air Date: 5-22-04
American Air Date: 8-6-05

Character Introductions: Misaki Gorou, Prisman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

Gravityman attacks a town while Netto and Meiru were playing a ufo catcher machine. In the difficult battle, Netto and Rockman are assisted by Prisman and his operator Misaki. Although Misaki once failed in a Cross Fusion experiment, he is a serious youth who is now serving the Net Police with a sense of justice.

Meanwhile, the Science Labs are in the midst of developing the Battle Chip Gate, which they say will be able to supply battle chips to R Rockman limitlessly. When Meijin performs a test, the operation utterly fails.

Netto and Misaki hear of information that Gravityman is attacking in another Dimensional Area, so they are dispatched immediatly. R Rockman takes on the Dark Loid, but he's unable to defeat him! Enzan arrives just in time, and successfully activates the Battle Chip Gate, saving Netto's life. Together they defeat Gravityman, but then an old friend returns....

Ryouko's Note: Misaki and Prisman are completely new characters to the series, and they do not come from the games. This is also the first that Enzan gets to see Blues' new Dark Loid transformation.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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