Nebula's Great Invasion!
(Nebula's Great Invasion!)

Japanese Air Date: 6-5-04
American Air Date: 8-20-05

Character Introductions: Brightman.exe, Starman.exe, Coldman.exe
Style Change: None

Rockman took great damage at the instant Netto's PET was destroyed, so Netto is living with Rockman being lost. Raoul and Thunderman offer to help out the Japan Net Saviors during this time of crisis, as well as Laika and Searchman from Sharo.

Although Netto is delighted, Laika and Raoul collide from the differences in their own policies. They don't have long to sort out their troubles however: an invasion of Dark Loids occurs! Coldman, Brightman, Swordman and Starman simultaneously attack the public facilities of Japan.

It's up to Raoul and Laika to save Japan, while Netto must readjust to Cross Fusion with Rockman, who had to be nearly completely restored. It's almost time, the new Advanced PET II is just about ready!

Ryouko's Note: Starmaaaan! *squees* Not only that, but Coldman and Brightman too! With all these Transmission navis showing up, somehow I feel like it's only a matter of time until Zero.exe makes his appearance. *eyes Axess directors* Anyways, YAY, Laika returns too! And Rauol and Thunderman! Sounds like a fun episode. ^_^;;

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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