Flying to Shiisaa Island

Japanese Air Date: 6-26-04
American Air Date: skipped in airing

Character Introductions: Igarashi Ran, Windman.exe
Style Change: Wind Soul

Netto and co. are in a practice Net Battle, when all of a sudden their navis are wisked away by a whirlwind! Higure reveals that the cause is a mysterious chip he had "accidently" stolen from a temple on Shiisaa Island. So Netto, Meiru, Tohru and Higure fly off to go visit the priestess Ran, return her chip, and get their navis back.

During that time, a celebrated Shiisaa statue is stolen from a sanctuary by Yuriko. Because of this, a large storm heads for the island! Needleman becomes absorbed by the power of the wind god, and even Yuriko is unable to control him. It's up to Windman and Rockman to save the island, and return the statue to its rightful place!

Ryouko's Note: Yay, Wind Soul! This is probably one of my most favourite Soul Unisons, design wise. :)

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