Soul Unison!

Japanese Air Date: 10-25-03
American Air Date: 3-3-05

Character Introductions: Flashman.exe
Style Change: Roll Soul

The balance of electrical power is malfunctioning throughout the city! The cause of the disturbance is the Dark Loid Flashman, who is illuminating the city's lights and causing a mayhem of trouble.

When Netto is called out on his Net Savior duties, Meiru finds out his "secret identity" and follows. As Rockman confronts Flashman, Roll gets in the way and accidently hits Rockman with her attack instead of the Dark Loid! As Rockman recovers at the Science Labs, Meiru and Roll try to make up for their mistake by defeating Flashman on their own.

Unfortunately, Flashman is too powerful for them to handle. Just as Roll is about to be deleted, a fully recovered Rockman saves her! However, Flashman has harnessed the power of a Dark Chip and overwhelmes Rockman! At that time, Roll tries to protect Rockman... But then, Rockman awakes with a new power! This new ability is the "Soul Unison."

Ryouko's Note: The "Soul Unison" capabilities are Rockman's new form of style changes, which are derived completely from EXE4. Rockman merges with another Navi, and takes on their characteristics, both appearance and battle wise.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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