Japanese Air Date: 7-17-04
American Air Date: 11-30-05

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto)

While Netto is in Sharo, an incident occurs in Japan's cyber world. It is rumored that all of the Navis who complete a certain game at the Game Center have gone missing. Enzan and Meiru embark together to solve the scenario.

Enzan helps Meiru win the game, and then they must to wait until Roll is kidnapped. A giant claw comes out of nowhere in the cyberworld, snatching her away! Roll reawakens in a very strange place, and is forced into a Deletion Battle against another of the missing navis. Someone seems to be playing a game of their own for their own sheer amusement.

Enzan and Meiru run to rescue Roll, but what they find was hardly what they expected! Enzan tracks down a child robot named Allegro, who becomes upset when he interupts his "game". Allegro creates a Dimensional Area, and orders a hoard of viruses to attack Enzan!

Enzan manages to defeat them with the Battle Chip Gate, while Allegro escapes to the roof. When he finds him again...he is not alone! Netto returns just in time as Allegro's creator is revealed.....Shuryou?! No, it's Forte!

Ryouko's Note: A Enzan & Meiru team. O_o This is a first. FORTE. :D

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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