Meiru's First Date

Japanese Air Date: 7-24-04
American Air Date: skipped in airing

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto & Meiru)

Net Savior duties have been keeping Netto rather busy as of late. Meiru feels lonely from being separated from Netto so much. By surprise that night, Netto asks Meiru if she has any plans for the next day. Meiru becomes excited when she receives the promise of a date, but for some reason the place is the Science Labs.

It appears Yuuichirou wants Roll and Meiru to cooperate in an experiment concerning data for Cross Fusion. Although this breaks Meiru's excitement, Yuuichirou promises to give them both tickets to an amusement park, so they will truly date!

Netto is a little flustered through the whole ordeal (we've seen how dense that boy can be), but he truly hasn't forgotten his promise of friendship with Meiru. They've been together since they were little kids, after all! When Swordman interrupts their special date, Meiru decides that she will be the one to save Netto this time.

"Synchro Chip, Slot In! Cross Fusion!"

Ryouko's Note: Aww...poor Meiru-chan. It's funny that the Axess series seems to be focusing a little more on Netto & Meiru's relationship, in contrast with the original EXE series.

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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