Net Police Great Battle!
(The Great Net Police Battle!)

Japanese Air Date: 8-21-04
American Air Date: 12-2-05

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto), Guts Soul, Fire Soul, Roll Soul, Metal Soul, Wind Soul

In order to pinpoint the location of Dr. Regal, Enzan works with an investigation of the Net Police. They're going to use the Control X System in order to find his hidden satellite in space! In an attempt to hold them off, Regal revives all of the Dark Loids who were deleted up until now, and prepares for a mass counter-attack.

Netto, Rockman, Laika and Searchman fight the army of reborn Dark Loids one after another. Then, a Dimensional Area occurs over the Net Police. Dark Blues appears in the real world to obstruct and directly attack Enzan's investigation.

Meanwhile, Bubbleman is distressed over his failure to revive his respectable master. That is, until Forte arrives unexpectantly! This mysterious navi uses his incredible power to reawaken the original Dark Loid himself, Shademan!

Ryouko's Note: When they say every Dark Loid....they MEAN every Dark Loid. This includes Bowlman, Beastman, Videoman, Coldman, Swordman, Bunerman, Plantman, Starman, Brightman, Flashman, Gravityman and Desertman!

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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