Metal Hot Springs! Hot! Hot!
(Metal Hot Spring! Ow It's Hot!)

Japanese Air Date: 11-1-03
American Air Date: 3-4-05

Character Introductions: Tamako, Metalman.exe
Style Change: Cross Fusion

Tohru returns in this episode! He and Mariko-sensei have established a "Hot Springs" club, so they invite Netto, Meiru and Chisao along to enjoy a field trip to the Urakawa Springs. While Netto is shopping for souveniers for his family, he meets the shop owner Tamako. She offers Netto a simple challange: If he can beat her navi Metalman in a Net Battle, she will give him all his souveniers for free! But if he fails, he has to buy a lot of souveniers. Being as stubborn as he is, and ignoring Rockman's warnings, he accepts the challange.

In the middle of their battle however, Bubbleman appears to try and get his revenge on Rockman. Being the sneaky evil navi that he is, he tries to do so from the shadows without being seen. Unfortunately for Bubbleman, his plans keep getting set awry when his attacks keep getting sent back at him! Everytime he fails, the sprinklers go off and disrupt Tamako and Netto's net battle, forcing them to stop.

Tamako won't let Netto be until they finish a real battle, no matter where he is! From his bedroom, to the shower, to the dinner table, she's everywhere! Can Netto escape Tamako long enough to enjoy the hot springs, and will Bubbleman exact his revenge on Rockman?

Ryouko's Note: We find out here that Bubbleman is more for comic relief rather than being a real threat to Net Society. It was a pure joy to watch Bubbleman blow himself up over and over again in this episode. >:D keke!

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