The Place Where Light Reaches
(Dr. Regal's Rampage)

Japanese Air Date: 9-25-04
American Air Date: 12-9-05

Character Introductions: n/a
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto, Enzan, Dr. Regal), Full Synchro (Netto & Rockman), Search Soul, Fire Soul, Thunder Soul, Metal Soul

Regal Tower has appeared in Akihara, and a Dimensional Area is covering the entire Earth. As Shademan begins his assault for revenge, Dr. Regal uses a Dark Synchro Chip and Cross Fuses with Laserman. Shademan is quickly defeated by R Laserman's brutal power. R Laserman then grows gigantic and attacks various countries, resulting in worldwide panic.

It is the arrival of the world which Regal desires! R Rockman battles against R Laserman, but it is too much for him to handle. Meanwhile, Yuuichirou, Laika and others intend to topple Regal Tower by destroying the Energy Core, but can they reach it in time? R Laserman has one last enemy to destroy: the Science Labs where Hikari Yuuichirou resides.

Enzan and Blues are finally reunited, but they too are no match for the rampaging Dark Loid. When Rockman begins to hear the desperate cries of all of the navis who were sacrificed as energy for Nebula's Dimensional Converters, a wonderful miracle occurs! Rockman and Netto Full Synchro! It's the final showdown: the battle of light against dark!

Ryouko's Note: This is the very last episode of Axess. It's been a good run! This finale will definately not dissappoint you. :)

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