The Most Dangerous Ball Game!
(A Dangerous Bowling Game)

Japanese Air Date: 11-8-03
American Air Date: 3-7-05

Character Introductions: Bowlman.exe
Style Change: Roll Soul, Cross Fusion

This episode brings back two familiar characters, Higure Yamitarou and Numberman. Higure wins 2 tickets to a bowling alley, and decides to ask Mariko-sensei out on a date. Mariko is excited to go, and invites Netto and Meiru along as well. Once at the bowling alley, Higure sends Numberman into the server so that he can give Higure a strike every time (Higure is very very bad at sports).

Unfortunately, Bowlman is not happy with Numberman's intrusion and lack of sportsmanship, and knocks him out cold. Bowlman has become unsatisfied as of late, as he has become quite bored in his little bowling server with no real opponents to offer a challange.

Shademan realizes that Bowlman has much potential in becoming a Dark Loid, so he offers Bowlman a Dark Chip to increase his powers. With the the aid of the chip, Bowlman can now affect the real world! However, the chip also makes Bowlman quite mentally unstable, as he begins to knock down buildings in the real world via net bowling pins in the cyber world.

Eventually everyone figures out that Higure is cheating, when Higure gets nothing but strikes, while Netto continually gets zeros. Numberman appears on Higure's PET momentarily, then is cut off due to static. Netto and Rockman decide to plug-in and save Numberman, despite the fact that he was "helping" Higure cheat. Will they get to him in time?!

Ryouko's Note: "Lets Bowling!" XDD Being a bowling geek myself, I loved this episode. By this time however, I'm starting to feel that they are over-using cross fusion a bit too much...hopefully they'll start concentrating on Rockman's Soul Styles more often instead.

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