Electric Flower Garden!
(The CyberGarden of Doom!)

Japanese Air Date: 11-15-03
American Air Date: 3-8-05

Character Introductions: Plantman.exe
Style Change: Fire Soul

Hinoken has returned from Jawaii! His train trip home is suddenly disrupted when all computers in Densan City are taken over by a plant virus program. Meiru's research at the library is also interrupted, so she sends Roll into her computer to sort out the problem. Sure enough, Netto recieves a call from Meiru, pleading for his help. Roll has dissappeared!

As you can guess, the source of the problem is the darkloid Net Navi, Plantman. The evil navis has taken Roll hostage, and is slowly absorbing her energy to fuel his plants. Rockman tries to stop him, but is quickly overwhelmed. Just when everything looks dim, an old friend returns! It's Heatman! Heatman manages to drive off Plantman temporarily, and Hinoken marks a tracker on him so they can find out where he has fled to.

Back in Jawaii, Elecman, Magicman and Coloredman are taken captive, while Heatman becomes damaged beyond repair. Thus Meijin offers Hinoken to transform Heatman's data back into Fireman, as the old navi's spirit never really died, but instead was too weak to respond.

Hinoken gives Netto the tracker data he planted on Plantman, so that he and Rockman can go stop his continuing rampage. Netto agrees, and takes off to battle yet again. Can Rockman save the ensnared Roll-chan before she dissappears entirely, and will Fireman regain his flame?!

Ryouko's Note: It's the return of Hinoken! and FIREMAN! Hurrah! Don't get me wrong, I like Heatman....but Fireman just really grew on me. Yay for Fireman! Freezeman no baka....

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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