Dekao Returns!
(Dex Returns!)

Japanese Air Date: 11-29-03
American Air Date: 3-10-05

Character Introductions: Burnerman.exe
Style Change: Guts Soul

Dekao has been training in Jawaii under the former World 3 members. When they finally decide he is ready, they ship him off to Japan to battle his greatest rival - Netto Hikari!

Just as Netto and Meiru are wondering about their old friends, Dekao returns! However his attitude is completely different, as he forsakes his love for Meiru and even refuses to acknoledge his little brother Chisao. He states he has only one objective on his mind: to defeat Netto and Rockman in a Net Battle!

When the two are about to battle, Netto receives an urgent Net Savior call and has to leave. Dekao follows him as they track down the new Dark Loid navi: Burnerman. However Gutsman makes a complete mess of things, and Burnerman gets away! Outraged that the Dark Loids interfered with his match with Netto, Dekao and Gutsman vow to take care of Burnerman themselves.

Dekao believes he can defeat Burnerman, but what he doesn't know is that the World 3 only told him he was ready because they wanted him to leave their curry shop! Will Netto be able to save his old friend from complete humiliation, and complete his Net Savior job as well?!

Ryouko's Note: Burnerman is tah AWSOME. >:D It's been awhile since we've had a villain that is this....EBIL...and ENJOYS being ebil. >:3 He will be returning later on, oh yes he will...

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