Japanese Air Date: 10-1-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Greiga, Falzer
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto, Enzan, Laika), Beast Out Greiga & Falzer

One month has passed since the crisis with Duo was resolved, and the world is living peacefully once again. Netto, Laika and Enzan have begun training with the new Link PETs, which advance their powers with Cross Fusion considerably. Netto complains that Cross Fusion is no longer needed now that Duo is gone, but Rockman reassures him that they need to be ready for anything.

True enough, an odd phenomenon occurs when two gigantic cyber beasts break through an ancient portal from an odd world named Beyondard, and begin to wreak havoc on Earth as they clash together in an immense battle. Netto, Laika and Enzan are sent to the scene to stop them, but find themselves powerless against their might.

At the same time, a strange baby-like navi has been discovered by the ressurected Bubbleman, and is handed over to Rockman and his friends for loving care. Called simply "Aka-chan" (Japanese for "baby"), this cute little navi becomes immediately infactuated with Rockman.

The cyber beasts Greiga and Falzer take their battle to the cyber world, where more destruction ensues. Suddenly, an incredible transformation occurs! With the aid of Aka-chan, Rockman is transfigured into the ultimate Beast Out forms of Greiga and Falzer - and he defeats them both single handedly! What can this new turn of events possibly mean?! It's a brand new season of Rockman.exe - and it looks to be an exciting ride!

Ryouko's Note: This episode begins the 4th series of the Rockman.exe saga. This plotline will revolve loosly around EXE6. Shall be interesting! Also, the new enemies will be called "Zoanoroids" (Darkloids, Asteroids, and now Zoanoroids. o.o;).

Edits in the English Version: n/a

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