Aiming For Trill

Japanese Air Date: 12-3-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Gateman, Zoanoroid Quickman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Netto), Beast Out Greiga

Zoan Numberman of Greiga is confronted by Falzer's newest follower, Zoan Gateman. Upon being captured, Zoan Gateman interrogates him cruely to obtain information about Rockman. He eventually learns that Trill is the key to Rockman's Beast Out powers. Having no more use for Zoan Numberman, he then deletes him without remorse.

Meijin and Yuuichirou are holding a deep sea investigation upon a ship. Coincidently, Netto and Meiru join the two scientists in order to help out, though they think of it more as a fun vacation. However, within the cyber world of the ship lurks Zoan Gateman, who has his sights set on Trill.

Zoanoroid Quickman of Greiga substantiates via a Copyroid and carries out a direct attack upon the ship for the same purpose. Furthermore, Zoan Gateman takes over the ship's systems, and demands to have Trill in exchange for Yuuichirou and Meiru's lives, who are being held hostage inside a submarine deep below in the sea.

After Cross Fusioned Netto defeats Zoan Quickman (with a little help from Zoan Gateman, who didn't want a follower of Greiga to interfere), Rockman is sent into the cyberworld to respond to Zoan Gateman's hostage threat. It is revealed that if Rockman attacks Zoan Gateman, then Yuuichirou and Meiru will perish! All he can do give himself up to the torture of Zoan Gateman, refusing to hand over Trill to the likes of him.

Iris suddenly appears on the ship as well, surprising Netto. Trill watches as Rockman suffers under Gateman's wrath, but both Netto and Iris tell him he mustn't go near them. However, Trill escapes from Netto's PET anyways, determined to give himself up to save everyone else. But when Trill is finally captured by Zoan Gateman, the attacks do not stop!

Trill reaches out desperately for Rockman, and cries out his name. Rockman holds out his hand, and a bright light erupts from Trill, enveloping them both. Beast Out Greiga Rockman is reborn once again!

Ryouko's Note: GATEMAN!@#$ ZOMG. *passes out from fan joy* ............... GATEMAN@#$!%

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