Ocean Bottom SOS

Japanese Air Date: 12-10-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Swallowman
Style Change: Cross Fusion (Enzan), Beast Out Greiga & Falzer

Having beastized, a rampaging Rockman chases and rages against Zoan Gateman. Beast Out Rockman proves to be far more powerful, and so in order to rescue Zoan Gateman, Zoanoroid Swallowman appears. Zoan Swallowman notices the navi of Iris nearby, and turns his attentions to her instead, leaving his comrade to the wrath of Rockman.

Zoan Swallowman substantiates into the real world, and comes after the girl navi's operator, Iris. Netto finds her just in time, and they escape into the interior of the ship. In all of the confusion, with the ship now out of control, Yuuichirou and Meiru are still waiting for help.

In the cyberworld, Zoan Gateman is using the recklessness of beastized Rockman's attacks to further damage the systems of the ship. As long as Rockman remains in Beast Out, it is impossible for Meijin to rescue Meiru and Yuuichirou.

Zoan Swallowman finally corners Netto and Iris, and prepares to attack them both. However, Enzan finally arrives by helicopter, and Cross Fuses with Blues! Zoan Swallowman transforms into his beast mode, and attacks R Blues in the air. Seeing this chance to escape, Iris dissappears from sight. Netto attempts to get Rockman to turn back to his senses, but it's of no use.

Tiring of playing cat and mouse with Zoan Gateman, Rockman evolves into Beast Out Falzer. With the increased speed thanks to his wings, Rockman finally snags Zoan Gateman and utterly destroys him. Likewise, Enzan manages to successfully delete Zoan Swallowman after a difficult battle in the sky.

Iris' navi appears suddenly, and uses her powers to seperate Trill and Rockman. However, afterwards Iris is nowhere to be found on the ship. When Enzan and Netto regroup, Enzan learns that Iris is the same girl he met at the Ameroupe Military Base. Who exactly is she?!

Ryouko's Note: Yay, more Gateman! :DDD Swallowman too. o.o He's kewt.

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