Trill's Secret

Japanese Air Date: 12-17-05
American Air Date: n/a

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Snakeman, Zoanoroid Gutsman, Zoanoroid Darkman
Style Change: n/a

The Net Police decide to draw up a secret plan, with the mysterious female navi as their target. They put up a trap, using Trill as the centerpiece, and instead pretend that they are merely protecting him from the Zoanoroids (which in fact this is actually quite true as well). However, they know the girl navi is drawn to Trill, thus they hope to find her, and mayhaps finally get some questions answered.

Unfortunately, Zoan Snakeman of Falzer and Zoan Gutsman of Greiga have both decided they will take Trill for themselves. The tight security of the Net Police have hidden Trill's location, so they attack Rockman's friends directly to beat the information of out of them. During the commotion in the cyberworld, the girl navi slips by, determined to find Trill first.

While the navis handle the cyberworld, Enzan is tracking down Iris, who is every bit as secretive as the unknown girl navi they wish to find. She finally escapes to the Firewall Research Facility, where she feels Trill's presence. However, Enzan and Netto stop her before she enters the building, and finally demand some explanations.

It would seem that Iris and Trill are both from the world of Beyondard, and are desperately fleeing from the Zoanoroids. The war between Falzer and Greiga has torn their world apart, and the final key to their victory is the Synchronizer, or in other words, Trill. It is Iris' mission to protect Trill, and to return him safely to their home world.

Just as Iris' story comes to an end, an alert sounds! A third player of the Zoanoroids, Zoan Darkman of Greiga, has tracked the female navi as she infilitrated the layer which holds Trill. It becomes an all-out attack on the firewall which protects the Synchronizer!

Ryouko's Note: Trill is becoming a troublesome little squirt, isn't he? Poor thing. ;_;

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