Japanese Air Date: 10-8-05
American Air Date: Cross Fusion (Laika)

Character Introductions: Zoanoroid Plantman, Zoanoroid Sparkman
Style Change: n/a

Having recovered from his Beast Out transformations, Rockman and the baby navi are re-aquainted. However, issues need to be resolved at the Net Police, so the baby is given over to Roll for care. Rockman has still not named the poor baby, so Roll decides to call it "Beep".

While investigating the cyber beasts, emergancy calls arrive from IPC and the Science Labs: their cyber worlds are under attack! Enzan returns to his company, where Blues finds Zoanoroid Plantman. Likewise, Laika and Netto go to the Science Labs, where they encounter Zoanoroid Sparkman! After a short battle, each Zoanoroid flees, returning back to their cyber beast hideouts. Plantman is devoted to Greiga, while Sparkman is involved with Falzer. It would seem the beasts are now using Zoanoroid navis to continue on their battle from the previous episode.

Soon enough, the Zoanoroids try to continue their battle. Rockman and Searchman intervene, but are pushed back when Sparkman and Plantman use Beast transformations of their own to boost their power. Thankfully, Laika uses Cross Fusion to cut off a huge power source to the structure they are fighting in, and the Zoanoroids are subdued. Blues and Rockman join forces to defeat Plantman, but Sparkman is able to get away.

Afterwards, Rockman says that Plantman mentioned a world called Beyondard. Yuuichirou explains that Tadashi Hikari once said it was "The World Beyond". What this could possibly mean, no one knows as of yet. In the meantime, Roll returns "Beep" to Rockman, who decides to rename the baby "Trill" instead. It is also time for Laika to return home to Sharo, so he takes his leave, shaking hands with both Netto and Enzan before he departs.

Ryouko's Note: Poor Plantman receives yet another likely one-hit wonder episode. XP He's such a big fan favourite too, it's a shame.

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